Picky Eating and Fear of the Bath?

The Mommy Video Blog: Hylands Teething Tablets

A warning about Hylands Teething Tablets. A scary one that makes me wary of giving them to Donovan ever again.

What to bring when we travel??

Talking about all kinds of things today including crawling, a new ride on toy and traveling - what do you bring on vacation??

Here are some photos on D on his new ride on toy - he loves it :)


Who Needs Sleep?

My child will sleep again right? Otherwise, as you can see, I won't be functioning much longer!

A new monstermobile!

Today I discuss a few different things from my new monstermobile and Fisher-Price to separation anxiety and his one year party.

Donovan and the Car

Today I discuss how my little man is doing as well as his car seat in my Murano... looks like we actually need our very own monstermobile!!

Donovan Update Number 2

A second update on how the little guy is doing.